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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bush's Spiritual Side(s)

People liked the last part of my last post the most, so here it is again, in all its sarcastic purity. (Hey, when you like something, instead of e-mailing me you can add comments! So that I will have some comments! )

Taoist Bush: Bullshit happens. (See also Taoist Rumsfeld.)
Confucianist Bush: Confucius deny that bullshit happens.
Buddhist Bush: If bullshit happens, it isn’t really bullshit. (See also Confucianist Bush)

Zen Bush: What is the sense of bullshit not happening?
Muslim Bush: If bullshit happens, September 11th. They hate our bullsh—I mean, our freedom.
Tongue-Speaking Bush: If bullshit happens, fund Israel and aouiosfson sidfopds sdufiodps! Amen!

Catholic Bush: If bullshit happens, it’s to protect you.
Peace Process Bush: If bullshit happens, it’s to protect Israel.
Fundamentalist Bush: If bullshit happens, it’s to protect Jesus.

Fundraiser Bush: If bullshit happens, it’s to protect me.
Protestant Bush: Let my bullshit spread freedom across the world!
Intellectual Bush: Aouiosfson sidfopds sdufiodps. (See also Alan Keyes) Amen.

Born-Again Bush: God put me on this earth to bullshit. As President.
Creationist Bush: The jury is out on Darwin’s bullshit.
“Education President” Bush: Science is bullshit. Teach the idiocy.

Moonie Bush: Ya’ll wouldn’t believe the bullshit I pulled as a cheerleader. And one time when I was a pilot, and drunk as a skunk, I even mooned my Commanding Offic—oh! You mean, Moonie! Like the Moonies! Oh, yeah, it’s a religion. Um—

Hare Krishna Bush: Bullshit happens, like this darn tambourine hittin’ my crotch. Rama, Rama—what the hell’s a Rama?
Environmental Bush: Global Warming is bullshit.
AWOL Bush: Showin’ up is bullshit.

Rastafarian Bush: Let’s smoke this bullshit Constitution.
Impeached Bush: Well, shoot now—that’ll never happen! :)


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