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Friday, June 27, 2008

Abby Normal, Part Two

Yes, I'm still using the Michael Geary method.

I haven't consumed sugar except for the occasional treat and I feel just great. (You don't miss it or even want it after enough depravation. Cooked carrots start tasting like sugar, instead.)

I've supplemented the weight training with dance, of course, plus a jump rope routine that I found on You Tube:

(Rope jumping is recommended for people who have bum joints like mine, since it utilizes the balls of the feet, without putting stress upon the heels as running and jogging do.)

Also swimming, biking, walking, and stairs. (Plus that 15 minutes of ab work that Dr. Geary says is all one needs.)

Where are my abs, Dr. Geary? Will we finally see them? Well, I must say, lunging with weights gets pretty damn boring after a while, but I feel fantastic. They're still hiding, but I'll give you more time. (To be fair, I didn't buy your book, and I haven't been visiting your cheesarooni website, either. I can barely look at it. Blech.)

I used to take jazz and ballet dance - back during my "Flashdance" phase. Jazz dance made me feel like a cow (which was a new experience for me), what with the leaps and kicks, and I didn't even weigh 100 pounds at the time! You really have to be built like Gesley Kirkland to pull off some of those moves. (I couldn't even leap that well when I figure skated.) It wasn't until I discovered belly dancing that I found my niche, but lately I've been checking out the jazz dance on You Tube, and discovered this delightful performance. Enjoy!

(Even though I think the movie Flashdance is totally hokey now, implausible and melodramatic, I must admit that to a certain extent I have modeled my life after that of the main character, Alex - right down to the small detail of not quite being able to relate to these "fitness" types, as Alex couldn't relate to the other ballerinas. I love to exercise, but there's something about "Coach Nicole" above and these other fitness characters on You Tube that makes them a little too wholesome for me!)

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