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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Atheistic, "Aries," and About to Have Cake

I came across these amusing parallels between Richard Dawkins's journey and mine:

"...But reveals he began doubting the existence of God when he was about nine years old [as I did!]. He was later reconverted because he was persuaded by the argument from design [as I did, or at least, tried to be]; though he began to feel the customs of the Church of England were "absurd" and had more to do with dictating morals than with God. When he was taught about evolution at the age of sixteen his religious position changed, as he felt that evolution explained the illusion of design."

I was raised Lutheran rather than Anglican, and learned about evolution much earlier, too, at around ten or eleven, on my own.

UPDATED: Correction. "I had my first doubts when I was nine," he recalls, "when I realised there were lots of different religions and they couldn't all be right."

But our birthdays are only days apart in March (mine, the 22nd; his, the 26th). All of which, of course, means zip. But it's fun, that's all.

(I can't believe that this December it will be 10 years since another great hero of mine, Carl Sagan, died.)


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