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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Source of the Obama E-mail Hoaxes

Meet Andy Martin.

He's an anti-Semite.

Among other things.

(From the New York Times - requires subscription)

"The Man Behind the Whispers About Obama"
Published: October 12, 2008

The most persistent falsehood about Senator Barack Obama’s background first hit in 2004 just two weeks after the Democratic convention speech that helped set him on the path to his presidential candidacy: “Obama is a Muslim who has concealed his religion.”

That statement, contained in a press release, spun a complex tale about the ancestry of Mr. Obama, who is Christian.

The press release was picked up by a conservative Web site,, and spread steadily as others elaborated on its claims over the years in e-mail messages, Web sites and books. It continues to drive other false rumors about Mr. Obama’s background.
Just last Friday, a woman told Senator
John McCain at a town-hall-style meeting, “I have read about him,” and “he’s an Arab.” Mr. McCain corrected her.

Until this month, the man who is widely credited with starting the cyberwhisper campaign that still dogs Mr. Obama was a secondary character in news reports, with deep explorations of his background largely confined to liberal blogs.

But an appearance in a documentary-style program on the Fox News Channel watched by three million people last week thrust the man, Andy Martin, and his past into the foreground. The program allowed Mr. Martin to assert falsely and without challenge that Mr. Obama had once trained to overthrow the government.

An examination of legal documents and election filings, along with interviews with his acquaintances, revealed Mr. Martin, 62, to be a man with a history of scintillating if not always factual claims. He has left a trail of animosity — some of it provoked by anti-Jewish comments — among political leaders, lawyers and judges in three states over more than 30 years.

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Blogger Rev. Barking Nonsequitur said...

That baglady at the Lakeville rally was a 75 year old hate monger that sends out libel to random phone book addresses. When she was interviewed she disagreed with McCain said to her. Clearly she feels that our Christian country would be in danger if it was taken over by the Muslims.

She and others like here are Ochlocrats - Goverment by mob rule - they are the ones who are quick to condemn or lynch the accused. There is speculation that she was planted to give McCain an opportunity to appear congenial and fair-minded. She was sitting next to a wing-nut Minnesota Senator and some have noticed that she appeared to know what Mccain was going to say.

Anyway, I heard she was a witch - maybe I should warm everyone in the phone book.

October 14, 2008 2:32 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Don't worry, I'll cast a circle and send the message via raven.

Oh! Not that message - this one. This is huge!

William F. Buckley Jr. has just endorsed Barack Obama for President, and resigned from National Review. Of course, conservatives, while they're sending hate e-mails to him and his colleague Kathleen Parker, who called Sarah Palin a "national embarrassment," conveniently forget that William F. Buckley Sr. often endorsed Democratic candidates and came out for the legalization of drugs. Because, imagine this, critical thinking does not mean simply being reactionary in a Ben Stein "Expelled" manner.

The "conservatives" are imploding. They're caricatures of the real ones, who are more diverse that people expect.

Gee, those spells I've been casting really are potent!

October 15, 2008 9:45 AM  
Blogger Rev. Barking Nonsequitur said...

Buckley has always tried to be an iconoclast conservative - of course "conservative" this point is synonymous with "delusional".

October 15, 2008 3:52 PM  

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