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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You Miss Me! You Really, Really Miss Me!

Wow, you trolls! Do you come with your own bridge? :-D

Well, your Billie Goat Gruff here has seen through your teasing sarcasm and read the pleas that lurk beneath. You want me to resume posting? Okay, I shall! This is a good a place as any to park some of my new projects, and I never did finish my Galapagos Diary.

Since I last wrote, I have moved twice, finally into our permanent new home last year, and been a librarian and an archivist, working sub and contract, while holding down a steady part time job in eLearning development and APEX-ELM administration. I worked six days a week for nearly a year, ducks, and when I was not working I was throwing logs around and clearing Buckthorn on our new property. (Oh yes, I lost that "grad school thirty.")

I have also been involved in an internationally maintained online archive, and even been writing some fanfic. It's fun.

It is serendipity that a troll unleashed some snark here last week.



Blogger Kristine said...

So, where's William Dembski's TV series?

March 12, 2014 4:36 PM  

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