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Friday, May 12, 2006

Minneapolis School Board Endorsing Convention Tomorrow

Tomorrow the city will endorse four DFL candidates for school board. As a delegate, I am sacrificing yet another precious Saturday to choose among the nine candidates offered. As there are no dingleberry creationists among them (see under subheading, “From Structure to Superintendents”), my job is simultaneously made easier and more difficult. The overriding issues are that of job-bidding and the fact that all board members are at-large rather than representative of a geographical district. There is a bill introduced to change this structure. The abrupt resignation of Dr. Thandiwe Peebles is still a contentious issue, too.

I will vote my conscience and post the results. In the meantime, I leave you with this excellent editorial on science education, "Evolution's Bottom Line" (via Red State Rabble).

UPDATED: Seven hours and one developing migraine later, I saw most of the people I voted for lose or withdraw. Here are the candidates:

* Pam Costain
* Chris Stewart,
* T. Williams, and
* Tom Madden.

Since the question that I submitted did not get drawn, I spoke briefly with Madden about Intelligent Design and why specifically he did not support teaching it. He talked about his Catholic faith in a misguided attempt to impress me with that; however, he stated that I.D. was not appropriate in our schools, and I was satisfied with that. (Repeat at me, people: Intelligent Design is not science!)

In the Green Party convention, Doug Mann did not get the endorsement. (I guess they endorse no one, then.) There are no Republican candidates.

The DFL also endorsed Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). Yay!


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