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Friday, September 22, 2006

Free the Tripoli Six!

2nd UPDATE: Declain's documentary Injection is available via The Science Pundit.

UPDATED: When you write your letter, it is important to be respectful, even deferential, no matter how mad you are. I use all of the honorifics suggested and the phrases "I implore," "I beg," "I ask," and "I thank." Here is a template, but I decided to go for the heartstrings and add lines imploring for the defendants' release not only for the sake of the five nurses and one physician, but in the name of Libya's innocent children who have been hurt and those who could be exposed to HIV in the future. Feel free to express your own concern for Libya's children as you write. This is about them as much as it is about the defendants; and it gives an added incentive for the leaders of Libya to act, for no one want to see HIV spread further while fear spreads through the aid worker community about serving the world's needy children in other countries.
Via Aetiology (latest news), Declan Butler's personal site, and Pharyngula

Any talk of Mohmar Kaddafyi’s “moderation” is ridiculous in light of the arrest, torture, trial, and conviction of five Bulgarian nurses and a Palestinian physician, who stand accused—I am not kidding—of deliberately infecting 400 Libyan children with the HiV virus while working at a Libyan hospital.

They were acting as “agents of Israel and the United States.” Right.

Their case is now on appeal (whatever that means to this backwards, totalitarianist regime). They have been beaten and tortured with electric shock, and two of the nurses were raped. Their chances of escaping a death sentence in repayment for their selfless dedication to children’s health are slim. According to PZ’s site:

Defenders were able to show that the children were largely victims of HIV exposure prior to the arrival of the accused, and that the real culprit was a policy of poorly trained staff, unsterilized equipment, and generally shoddy hygiene. It didn't matter; they were convicted in a sham trial, and sentenced to death by firing squad.

Sickening! Despicable! Please send a letter of protest today! (To give your words more weight, write a letter rather than an e-mail; use your own words rather than a form letter.)

Contact info here:

Also, if you blog, raise the alarm yourself. Thank you.

And a big thank you to Declan (reporter for Nature and blogger), Aetiology, Pharyngula, and The Questionable Authority


Blogger The Science Pundit said...

Declan Butler just posted a link to the Mickey Grant documentary Injection. I reposted the link over on my blog.

September 25, 2006 9:44 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Thanks, Science Pundit, I added your link to my post.

September 25, 2006 11:40 PM  

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