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Friday, September 01, 2006

Genetic Algorithms for the Uncommonly Dense

UPDATED: But there will never be a genetic algorithm quite like John A. Davison! (Laugh-pee alert! What part of "I'm not blogging" don't I understand? Um, the fact that he never was blogging, maybe?)

Whoa! Check out John A. Davison vs. Godzilla for a peek into this guy's mind. I feel sorry for poor Dembski and DaveScot (never thought I would). And certainly poor JanieBelle—stay safe, JanieBelle.
Oh, dang it. I had my long weekend all planned out: finish reading The Extended Phenotype, actually do some stretching/choreographing in preparation for an upcoming performance at my friends' gallery opening (I've been a naughtly belly dancer, not going to class lately), start reading my grad school books, go to the Straight Fair (no tater-tot hotdish on a stick for me, urp! puh-lease), and in general lie around and be lazy...and then Dave Thomas at Panda's Thumb has to go and post the totally fascinating Genetic Algorithms for Uncommonly Dense Software Engineers. No, no, no, I'm not going to start fiddling with GAs with everything else I've got going on! No.

Well, maybe I'll! No! But why can't I--stop! Someone stop me!

How about I just read the comments...

Popper's Ghost: Is Sal really this dim, or is he just dishonest?
Wamba: Yes.

Oh, the snark, I live for the snark! I can quit anytime that I want to. I just don't want to.


Blogger JanieBelle said...

Hi Kristine!

We can handle the old perv, don't worry about us. We have the Big Green Marker to amuse ouselves with his ridiculousness. He hates that.

Nice blog, and thanks for the mention!


JanieBelle and Kate

September 07, 2006 8:05 PM  
Blogger JanieBelle said...

Oh, and just to be perfectly clear, Davison is our resident troll. The Big Green Marker is our way of letting him know he's not welcome. He must like the way we alter his comments, because he keeps coming back for more.

You don't seem to have such a blatantly moronic troll, but if you ever need to borrow the Big Green Marker, just give us a holler. We're happy to share. It can be rather cathartic, should you be unrelentingly harangued by a sick old freak like Davison.


September 07, 2006 9:07 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Hey, thanks for the offer, and for stopping by! That Big Green Marker is hilarious. It almost gave me a hernia (if a girl can get a hernia), laughing at your, er, corrections.I must say that yours is the most clever blog that I've yet seen. Of course, you can both handle yourselves, but geez, I couldn't believe some of the things that he's said to you. Gack! What the sam hill is his problem?
Take care. Hugs. ;-)

September 07, 2006 9:55 PM  
Blogger Corporal Kate said...

We're glad we could add a little sunshine to someone's day!

From what we can gather, Davison was at one time a respected scientist. I believe he may have had some peer-reviewed papers published. Then sometime in the '80's he lost his way (and apparently his mind). Now he's like a bazillion years old (78 actually, I just checked), and a complete crank. His big "theory" is that evolution once happened and was directed by God or Gods, but that now those God(s) are dead or left, and evolution has stopped completely. Sort of an extreme Deism meets ID with some acid thrown in for psychadelic effect.

Mostly he follows DaveScot around the internet, calling him a Nazi and such and then bragging about how many sites he's been banned from, and complaining about everything and everyone under the sun. (It seems to be a severe case of imaginary martyrdom syndrome.) His big patented insult is to swap the first letters of your first and last names, which he seems to have lightened up on since Janie started doing it to him. He's not big on that whole "what goes around..." thing.

He's basically computer illiterate, just to add to the humor. If a link isn't clickable, he'll usually not follow it, because it involves too much typing (he hasn't mastered copy/paste yet, despite several people giving him step-by-step instructions), and he's started and abandoned three blogs which were supposed to be about his theory.

Each time, he makes one post and when the comments get to be 600-900 long, full of him ranting and screaming about "Spravid Dinger" or "Dilliam Wembski" or "Esley Welsberry" and deleting every comment that he doesn't like, he opens a new blogger account with some variation of his name and starts a new blog all over again.

He seems to have given up rather quickly this third time, however. "What part of I'm not blogging don't you understand" was one of his best lines yet.

At first he was pitiful, then annoying, now a source of amusement for us both. He's taken a special shine to us.

As for your medical condition resulting from reading our "corrections", we maintain that Davison is solely liable. Please don't sue us!


"the most clever blog..."

High praise, I'll be sure to pass that along to Janie when she gets up this morning. (We admit it, we're whores for affection and attention.) Janie really has worked hard on the structure and code for the blog. Content is mostly her too, but I help a little. Glad we could put a smile on your face.

Hugs right back,

September 08, 2006 7:07 AM  

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