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Friday, September 29, 2006

I Believe in Dog

A U.S. judge just took Duane Chapman off his ankle bracelet monitor so that he can take a trip to New York. Oh yes, protect America from Dog the Bounty Hunter! And to where, necessitating that ankle bracelet, was the Dog going to flee—PBS?

How many people have their heads up their wazzoos on this one? Whatever you think of his skip tracer methods, Dog went down to Mexico to get serial rapist and A-One creepazoid Andrew Luster, and Dog got him. Then the FBI lied about having a contract with Dog. (Note to FBI: Keep your secrets secret by telling the truth for a change—people won’t believe you then!)

Oh, but that was illegal, the capture by a bounty hunter of an international fugitive accused of drugging women and raping them, and videotaping it! Wow, nice to know that something is illegal in Mexico. Maybe the Mexican authorities should deal with their endemic police corruption and finally solve the maquiladoras serial killings in Juarez first?

This is just a travesty.


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