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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Restoring the Forest

Last year and this one, Rev. Barky and I have been working to eliminate the buckthorn on the property, some of which is virgin Minnesota woods. This year we pulled out the garlic mustard as well, and native species are flourishing on our land once again. We have seen wild strawberry, raspberries, elderberries, honeysuckle (non-native and invasive, but not as bad as the buckthorn because the insects and birds still like it), Solomon's Seal and False Solomon's Seal, grapevines, Virginia Creeper, yarrow, clover, wild violets, and sumac.

Left, before and right, after removal of the garlic mustard in May.

Trillium beside the house, and hostas that I planted last year.


The forest, freed of garlic mustard, puts forth native plants.


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