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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Abdul Rahman, Don't Stop to Wave


Abdul Rahman is high-tailing it to Italy. Yay! Run, man, run! Get the hell out of that place!

Is anybody else out there shocked to learn that the so-called democracy that we fought for in Afghanistan bans on pain of death the conversion from Islam? Well, I'm perfectly pissed off. Though this may stun the William Dembskis of the world (but it shouldn't), I don't believe in executing or punishing Christians for thoughtcrime--or Buddhists, or atheists, or Muslims, for that matter. I am a simple girl, and I believe in something called freedom of conscience. In fact, I don't think that a person can even claim to have a belief or philosophy until one has made a conscious decision to accept or reject what he or she was taught.

Criminey, Hamid Karzai, grow a pair, willya? Focus on the real problems facing your nation (and I'm not talking about rebuilding the Buddha statues; even Buddhists will tell you that they accept that rock crumbles, and I used to work in historic preservation myself--those statues are gone). Focus on women's rights, increased literacy, stopping the opium trade, and the fact that your nation is perfect for generating solar power and having a mountaintop telescope (I'm just thinking aloud). Don't worry so much about the corrupting influences of the West; I can show you how to deal with the Avon Lady.

(My father's middle name was Lewis! I just love this cat.)

UPDATED: Yeah. Who needs to punish Christians when they are so obsessed with punishing themselves? I just came across this statement, which hints at such self-loathing that I actually felt my heart skip a beat. "God was perfect and I was imperfect..." "God was serenely watching as I made a mess of my life..."

Holy shit, William Dembski, a mess of your life? I sure don't have three Ph.D.s! Can't you understand that, while you judge yourself so harshly (and attack defenders of evolution so harshly), I do not judge you at all? So, who wants to be perfect, man? There is no perfection. I wish that I could shake you and tell you: There is no Intelligent Designer, and there is no need for one--scientifically, personally, or emotionally. Screw perfection--let's be alive before we die, let's be wonderfully imperfect. (In other words, I'm trying to get you to take up belly dancing. We need more men!)


Blogger Doctor Marco said...

I agree completely with you. Perfection is wrong. As someone told me a couple of years ago, "perfections is the enemy of the good things. It sounds better in Spanish: "Lo perfecto es enemigo de lo bueno"

I like your blog, I will add a link to mine

March 29, 2006 7:09 PM  

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