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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Galapagos Diary, Day One: Landing at Baltra

Just before the CFI (Center for Inquiry) Explorer's Club left Quito for the Galapagos Islands, we learn that our itinerary has been changed; instead of San Cristobel, we land at the small airport on Baltra, a small island close to Santa Cruz that once served as an American military base. At left, an iguana sat on the runway and stared at us as we entered the processing center.

Below left, sea lions are splayed on the dock at which we enter our small dinghy, or panga, for our ride out to the ship. Below is the view of the harbor in Baltra from our ship, the M/V Santa Cruz, and below right is taken from the ship looking at an illegal fishing boat that is being towed. Jo Ann, in the white, is my roommate, is sitting on the jaccuzi steps with Sue, who had it not been for some cancellations would have been my other roommate.



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