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Monday, May 14, 2007

Estoy Infermo

Well! It sure is fun being sick! ;-)

Don´t worry, we think that the worst is over. About ten of us spent a nasty night.

Getting sick - truly ´following in the footsteps of Darwin´! Sorry, that´s the best I can do.

I´m still glad to be here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was sick once.
First day, I thought I was going to die.
Second day, I was hoping I would die.
Third day, I was afraid I wouldn't die.
Fourth day, I arose from the sick.
PS: If one were to attempt pronouncing the password to get past the spam filter, it would sound as if one were puking up one's toenails.

May 14, 2007 10:14 PM  
Blogger j said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

May 15, 2007 6:30 AM  
Blogger Rev. BigDumbChimp said...


I expect photos Kritine....and not of the sickness.

May 15, 2007 11:51 AM  
Blogger Rev. Barking Nonsequitor said...

I was on a Ferry once in the SF Bay, and I own a small pleasure boat. But none of that has ever made me ill.

May 15, 2007 12:12 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Good news! I am better now.

I went swimming with sea lions!

Rev. Chimpy, you and I are on the same wavelength. I just asked Richard to pose on the Isle of Santiago (James) with a copy of Origin of Species that I brought. He agreed to do it. He´s so nice!

May 15, 2007 1:40 PM  
Anonymous JanieBelle said...

Please give Dr. Dawkins our love and kisses now that you're better, Kristine!

May 15, 2007 6:44 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Oh JanieBelle, don´t torture me!
You know I can´t do that (though I´d love to). So I´ll direct my hugs and kisses to you!

May 16, 2007 7:17 AM  
Anonymous JanieBelle said...

:( to the first part, :) to the second!

May 17, 2007 9:17 AM  
Blogger Kristine said...

We all have our silly, harmless crushes and dreamy-dreams.

May 20, 2007 9:54 AM  
Blogger Brigit said...

Sorry to bring the grammar police, but you were Enferma. However, I like this infermo word. It sort of sounds like being sick [enfermo] in hell [infierno]. :)
I'm really glad you got to be in this kind of trip with amazing people, and happy to read you got better (oh, and those pics with Dawkins, I am soo green with envy!)

May 23, 2007 5:49 PM  
Blogger Kristine said...

Hey, thanks! No worries, I'm pretty picky about English. I'm learning Spanish, so I welcome corrections.

You are green, but that particular day I was green for another reason! ;-)

May 23, 2007 10:00 PM  

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