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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Bad Excuse!

I'm enjoying my new CD that I bought for my belly dancing gig in August: Talakik, by Hakim. I already have one-third of it choreographed (but it's a hot night to be dancing, and I had to take a 2+ mile walk along the river just to decramp my legs).

According to Shira, Talakik means "finding reasons or excuses to do a bad thing," a rather surprising theme because goody-goody little Muslim or Christian pop singers in the Middle East never shock conservatives, right? ;-)

If you're curious, a translation and a transliteration for Bad Excuse is available here. (If the RealAudio doesn't work for you, listen to track 3 on the Amazon link.) Hey, I think I may have found my sound clip for this blog, although something romantic by Warda or Amr Diab would be more appropriate.

UPDATED: Fact or Fantasy? Misguided Beliefs about Belly Dance via Shira.

I have no good excuse for this either, but here's a photo of Lynn and me, goofing off with our feather boas at the SNO Ball. I occasionally dance at Lynn's art gallery. I guess I just like this photo.

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