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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Another Halo for Me

Hey, look what I found! I knew this comment was hanging about somewhere.

I had forgotten precisely what
I had said. Proof that I'm not a complete snarky bitch.

From Red State Rabble's post about a speech by Judge Jones, this is my response to Tom Thumb's comment: "The 'threats' [against Judge Jones] could have easily have come from the left, as part of a disinformation ploy. Then, blame the 'creationists'."

Well, Tom Thumb, that’s a particularly puerile and ignorant statement to make. Death threats are always made by the least articulate, most immature, and most irrelevant members of any position, left or right. I have repeatedly deplored death threats made against anyone for any reason, and I believe that DaveScot at Uncommon Descent deplored the threats made against Jones. Death threats are made by louts, pure and simple, who have no interest in the issues involved.

It is impossible to oppose someone repeatedly without forming some kind of emotional attachment to him/her; we are human beings. We are connected to each other. I know that if anything bad befell the folks at UD I would be traumatized, devastated. I even have a sneaking affection for a few of them. And your baseless accusation, Tom Thumb, hardly shows compassion for Jones, but rather a gleeful rubbing of the hands at being able to “blame the Darwinists.”

Let me tell you, if I found out that anyone that I knew acted with read or implied violence, that person would be turned in to the cops so fast he or she wouldn’t know what happened.

So, grrr! Don't mess with goody two-shoes! I might stab you with my newly-discovered knitting needles, with which I'm knitting little booties like a regular church lady. Ah, I've been reborn.

Phhhht! Yeah, right.


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